State Events





Summer Moot

Held over the Australia Day long weekend - our annual Summer Moot is all about relaxing by the pool and having fun in the sun. It also is a great opportunity to listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 whilst competing in the annual volleyball and Miss Moot competitions!

Scout/Guide Regatta

The biggest combined Scouting and Guiding event in Tasmania is held over the March long weekend in Snug and is not one to be missed. With a united force of Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers it’s the perfect chance to hit the water and compete in water sport events including sailing, rowing, kayaking or canoe jousting. Or if you want to get the best of both worlds, there’s a tonne of land-based activities including gumboot throwing, line heaving, bucket relays and greasy pole!

Easter Moot

If you don’t have anything planned for Easter, this Moot is a great alternative. With previous themes including Wild West, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Giant Board Games and Pirates, there’s an interesting twist every year. Making the most of the warm weather before winter comes, Easter Moot involves heaps of different activities every year such as hiking, white water rafting, 4WDing, land yachting and paintball! There’s generally a Service element to Easter Moot too, where we’re able to give back to the community and assist with a project.

Rover Reunion

Held in May, the Rover Reunion dinner is a fantastic opportunity to have a bite with the myriad of former Rovers from around the State.

With it's location rotating around Tasmania each year, it gives Rovers past and present a good excuse to meet up beforehand and fill the day with plenty activities before enjoying the evening meal together.

Winter Moot

Held in August, Winter Moot is truly a celebration of the solstice. Throughout the day we take advantage of the cold weather to have fun skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and alpine hiking (as well as some slightly-less chilly activities like bike riding, 4WDing, and playing board games around a fire). And at night the camp comes alive, with questionable costumes centred around themes such as Cluedo, Austin Powers, Medieval and Rubik’s Cube, etc.

Brent Gaffney Memorial Raft Race

Held in September when the water levels are lavish, Raft Race is a chance for Crews to compete on one of Tasmania’s wild rivers to win the prestigious Brent Gaffney Memorial Raft Race trophy!

Donning a thick wetsuit and a sense of adventure, half the fun in this event is the group construction of the interesting homemade rafts that make it to the finish line.

Crew Events

Along with the major State-wide events, Crews also hold various events throughout the year both for themselves (camping, Carr Villa weekends, Christmas parties, etc) and for other Crews to join in. The Eastern Shore Rover Crew Cocktail night is not a night to miss, with a crazy theme and whacky cocktails and mocktails to try. And Leven District’s Yankee Auction is a great excuse help others by saying goodbye to belongings you’ve been wanting gone for a while.


Another birthday, another Boot. A boot is a celebration of a Rover’s 26th Birthday and generally consists of a themed evening dedicated to celebrating that Rover’s time in Scouting before they’re then “booted” out of their Crew and into the Fellowship.


If you’re having a blast but are keen to go further, there’s plenty of pathways your Rovering journey can lead you towards. Not only is it possible to do in-house leadership training to enhance your personal skillset and development whilst assisting in other Youth Sections. But formal training and certification can be obtained through the Scouts Australia Institute of Training in areas such as Outdoor Recreation, Creative Industries, Business, Leadership and Management, and Coordination of Volunteer Programs.