Baden Powell Scout Award

The Baden-Powell Scout Award is the highest Scouting award available to Youth in Australia. This award is designed to challenge and test those who set out to achieve this prestigious award.

The Nominal Role of Recipients can be seen below:

1963, Brian Cannon, 13th Hobart Rover Crew

1963, William King, 3rd Launceston Rover Crew

1963, Bruce Symes, 13th Hobart Rover Crew

1963, Bruce Maddock, 13th Hobart Rover Crew

1964, Dale Kilby, 3rd Launceston Rover Crew

1964, John Stevens, 13th Hobart Rover Crew

1966, Alan Irwin, 1st Devonport Rover Crew

1967, Tony Thurstans, 16th Hobart Rover Crew

1969, David Potter, Mt Stuart Rover Crew

1969, Bruce McKenzie, 1st Howrah Rover Crew

1970, Rodney Williams, 1st Howrah Rover Crew

1971, Ian Weaving, 1st Kingston Rover Crew

1978, Rodney Walters, Leven District Rover Crew

1979, Ian Pinkard, Northern Area Rover Crew

1979, Allan French, Martin Cash Rover Crew

1980, Michael Cruikshank, Martin Cash Rover Crew

1980, David Peck, Northern Area Rover Crew

1980, Anthony Hollingsworth, Martin Cash Rover Crew

1983, Anthony Park, Mt Faulkner Rover Crew

1984, Glenn Stephens, Martin Cash Rover Crew

1984, Rex Pilgrim, Northern Area Rover Crew

1986, Greg Boon Martin, Cash Rover Crew

1988, Ian Hart, Northern Area Rover Crew

1988, Scott Glanville, Leven District Rover Crew

1990, Shelley Gaffney, Leven District Rover Crew

1990, Leonie McCullagh, Leven District Rover Crew

1990, Mary-Anne Ford, Lindisfarne Rover Crew

1990, Glenn Maddock, Hobart District Rover Crew

1990, David Chalk, Hobart District Rover Crew

1993, Joanne Maddock, Hobart District Rover Crew

1996, Robyn Anderson, Leven District Rover Crew

1997, Roger Smith, Leven District Rover Crew

1997, Michelle Evans, Kingborough Rover Crew

2000, Jason Hutcheon, Matthew Brady Rover Crew

2000, Andrew Tueon, Weindorfer Rover Crew

2000, Saffron Brewis, Northern Area Rover Crew

2000, Marcus Holland, Weindorfer Rover Crew

2004, Kate Nichols, Kingborough Rover Crew

2005, Ian Alston, Weindorfer Rover Crew

2006, Lauren Holland, Weindorfer Rover Crew

2007, Gavin Smith, Weindorfer Rover Crew

2007, Tina Hughes, Weindorfer Rover Crew

2009, Geoffrey Hurst, Mt Faulkner Rover Crew

2011, Georgina Boon, Eastern Shore Rover Crew

2012, Angela Donovan, Eastern Shore Rover Crew

2013, Christopher Ballard, Wellington Rover Crew

2014, Katherine Sheilds, Northern Area Rover Crew

2014, Rachel Jensen, Wellington Rover Crew

2015, Holly Stephens, Wellington Rover Crew

2015, Stuart Morse, Kingborough Rover Crew

2016, Tahlia Siddall, Eastern Shore Rover Crew

2018, Luke Dimsey, Wellington Rover Crew

2018, Joshua Boucher, Eastern Shore Rover Crew

2018, Isaac Smith, Kingborough Rover Crew

2019, Lauren Caulfield, Mt Faulkner Rover Crew

2020, Alistair Luckman, Eastern Shore Rovers

2020, Narelle Ball, Leven District Rovers

2020, Jacinta Lang, Wellington/Leven District Rovers

2020, Isaac Beswick, Wellington Rovers

2021, Alexandra Ford, Eastern Shore Rovers

2021, Angela Vaughan, Eastern Shore Rovers

2021, Lucy Bain, Wellington Rovers

2021, Alex Ruut, Kingborough Rovers

2021, Rosie Bird, Kingborough Rovers

2021, Lou Marmion, Eastern Shore Rovers

2021, Alex Djakic, Esk Rovers

2021, Phoebe Shires, Esk Rovers