Activities Trailer

The Tasmanian Branch Rover Council own a trailer full of sports and games equipment available for hire to Community Groups, inclusive of transport and help to run this activities upon request.

The Trailer includes the following items which are available for hire:

    • Tug ‘O’ War (Large Yellow Tug of War Rope and Cone.)
    • Basketball (3 Basketballs and a mountable Basketball Hoop)
    • Football (4 Footballs and 4 Free Standing Posts)
    • Snow/Sand Board
    • Soccer (3 Soccer Balls and 2 Pop-Up Goals)
    • Frisbee Golf (Frisbee, Hoops, Cone and Pop-Up Goals)
    • Water Sports (4 Body Boards)
    • Cricket (Bats, Balls, 2 Helmets, Keepers Gloves, Padding and Wickets)
    • Bocce (2 Bocce Sets)
    • Golf (Golf Clubs, Golf Balls and Tees)
    • Archery (Archery Stands, Bows, Strings, Arrows and 4 Targets)
    • Bowling (12 Bowling Pins and Jumbo Tennis Ball)
    • Volleyball (3 Volleyball Nets)
    • Tennis (2 Tennis Balls and 1 Jumbo Tennis Ball)
    • Badminton (Badminton Net, 6 Badminton Rackets and 9 Badminton Shuttles)
    • Hockey (Plastic Hockey Set and Pop-Up Goals)
    • Orienteering/Navigation (26 Compasses and Orienteering Markers)
    • Circus Activities (Pogo Stick, Parachute, Foam Swords and 5 Skipping Ropes)
    • Blow Carts (2 Blow Carts with Sails and 1 Blow Cart Side Seat)
    • 6 Relay Batons
    • Marquee (Gazebo style)
    • First Aid Kit

We ask that you please confirm the specific items you require at the time of your booking as they due to demand, items may be subject to availability. For bookings and enquiries, please contact our Activities Warden by email at, who will assist you with the hiring process.