Rover Service Award

The Rover Service Award is presented by the Tasmanian Branch Rover Council to Rovers, Rover Advisors, other uniformed members of the Scout Movement and/or non-uniformed people, who give outstanding service to the Rover Section.

The National Criteria for the Rover Service Award (as set by National Rover Council) are as follows:

  1. The minimum length of service necessary to fulfil the qualifying period should be 5 years for Rovers and 10 years for Uniformed Members / Supporters.
  2. The length of service necessary to fulfil the qualifying period should take into consideration any involvement the individual may have had in other Branches.
  3. As this is specifically a Rover Award, only service to the Rover Section can be considered. Service to other Sections will not assist a nomination.
  4. Nominations must remain confidential and must not be discussed, either with the nominee or as part of the agenda at an open meeting.
  5. Where a Rover continues to provide outstanding service to the Section in an advisory position, the period of service whilst a Rover will count towards their eligibility.

In Tasmania this award is held in the highest regard. It is expected that outstanding service constitutes efforts above and beyond the normal duties to a crew, TBRC, and/or rovering in general. Awardees do not need to be a current member of Scouting, and the Rover Service Award may be awarded retrospectively if the circumstances merit it.

The Nominal Role of Recipients can be seen below


Kim Dudley


Ian Alston

Bronwen Pinkard

Kate Nichols

Rodney Squires


David Chalk

Michael Patten

Geoffrey Hurst


Rod Glanville

Jean Glanville


Chris Ballard

Paul Leitch

Glenn Maddock


Greg Boon

Lex McIndoe

Stuart Morse


Ron ‘Digger’ Adams


Carey-Lee Richards

Alex Findlater


Tahlia Siddall