The Tasmanian Branch Rover Council is authorised by the State Executive Committee of the Tasmanian Branch to manage the affairs of the Rover Section in Tasmania. This includes the authority to be self-governing for most activities and operations, be responsible for the development and maintenance of standards of Rovering in Tasmania, to recommend the registration and de-registration of Rover Crews, and to represent Tasmania at National Rover Council meetings.

All Rover Crews in Tasmania are responsible to TBRC and it comprises of delegates from these Crews along with an Executive, Officers, Wardens and the Branch Commissioner for Rovers.

The TBRC Executive comprises the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

TBRC also has other specific members, who are not part of the executive. This includes;

Officers – IT Officer, PR Officer, Training Officer and Marquee Coordinator.

Wardens – Northern Marquee Warden, Southern Marquee Warden, North-West Marquee Warden, Raft Warden and Activities Trailer Warden.

Other members who may vary from year to year include;

Regatta Representative, Contingent Leaders, and coordinators of specific projects.

Position Holders

The 2022/2023 positions are held per the below list:

Branch Commissioner for Rovers

Glenn Maddock (bc.rovers@scoutstas.org.au )

TBRC Executive:



Isaac Beswick (chair@tas.rovers.com.au)


Brad Thompson (vicechair@tas.rovers.com.au)


Luke Dimsey (treasurer@tas.rovers.com.au)


Sam Brooks (secretary@tas.rovers.com.au)

TBRC Officers:

IT Officer

Glen Bertram (it@tas.rovers.com.au)

PR Officer

Sherie Ball (pr@tas.rovers.com.au)

Training Officer



Marquee Wardens marquees@tas.rovers.com.au

North-West - Leven District Rovers

North -

South -

Activities Trailer Warden

Esk Rovers (activities@tas.rovers.com.au)

Raft Warden

Luke Dimsey

Other Positions

Regatta Committee Representative

Glen Bertram

Delegate to NRC

Isaac Beswick and Brad Thompson