At the beginning of 2007, the Tasmanian Branch Rover Council purchased:

• Two Achilles expedition grade self-bailing rafts (measured at 12ft 6in)

• Paddles

• Buoyancy vests

• Helmets

• and other safety equipment (including throw bags, First Aid/Rescue and Repair Kits)

The rafting equipment is stored in a custom-built trailer that allows us securely store the deflated rafts and to transport the rafts on top when inflated.

In 2011 a 9ft Incept 2-person inflatable kayak was purchased, in order to encourage more people to get on the water and further develop their river skills.

These rafts are proving to be both a great investment and recruiting tool for the Rover Section. To date the rafts have been used in a variety of rivers such as the Derwent, Picton, Mersey and Forth. As the skill of our Guides has increased, we have taken on more challenging rivers such as the North Esk, Styx, Brady’s Lake slalom course in the Central Highlands and have even undertaken overnight trips in West Coast area.

In the future we hope to undertake more multi-day expeditions as well as testing ourselves with more challenging water.


We are currently implementing a training program for enthusiastic Venturers, Rovers and Leaders to develop their confidence in white water and improve their proficiency in rafting with the aim to

empower many Youth Members and Leaders to become white water rafting Guides within the Scouting Movement.

At present this course is run as a full weekend and requires prior learning to allow participants to focus on practical river skills for the duration of the training.

On completion of this course, successful participants will gain Scouting recognised certification as a Novice Raft Guide.


Presently, TBRC can provide gear for 15 paddlers at a time and raft hire is inclusive of all relevant gear and safety equipment previously listed.

If you would like to request any further information Training, or are interested in rental of our White-Water Rafting Equipment please contact the current TBRC Raft Warden via the TBRC Secretary at secretary@tas.rovers.com.au who will be able to provide a quote and assist you in the hiring process.