Services & Activities

Along with enjoying a range of fun and challenging activities, Rover Scouts is also about helping give back to both the Scouting Movement and to the wider Community!

The Rover motto is "Service" and we strive to do just that, by not only facilitating activities for various Scouting sections, but providing assistance for a variety of local events and groups both individually and at a Crew capacity.

Not only does this give us fantastic opportunities to allow us to further develop our own skill-set, but these service activities give us a great appreciation of the value of helping other people!

Select services we provide include rental of our Marquees, Rafting Equipment and Activities Trailer.

Northern Area Rover Crew also owns and operates the Carr Villa Hut which is located within the Ben Lomond National Park in North-East Tasmania, which both Scouts and members of the public are welcome to take advantage of for weekends, holidays and training.

For more information on these specific services we offer, please visit our drop down menu for further details.